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What’s new in I AM PLAYR

November 8, 2011

Developer Corner

I AM PLAYR is now back up and ready for you to play. We apologise for the disruption to your quest to the top of the league!

What have we added in?

There are 5 new trophies for you try to unlock including the Diamond Dixie trophy. Score 60 goals in one season to win the newly added Diamond Dixie trophy. Dixie Dean is an Everton legend, scoring 349 goals in 399 games but in one impressive season he racked up 60 goals. No player in the English league since 1928 has come close to that! Imagine the look on Laidlaw’s face if you’re the first!

There is one new goalscoring opportunity – see if you can spot it. This one is all about teamwork! We’ve also added in 2 pieces of video content all ready for you to consume.

If you have any suggestions for trophies, storylines or just good ol’ fashioned feedback please leave a comment.

See you on the pitch. Play Now.


5 Responses to “What’s new in I AM PLAYR”

  1. Luka Says:

    it would be nice if we can spend money on something…
    and yeah i agree you have to put more storylines, its boring, and more girls ofcourse


  2. Pezb10 Says:

    I think some good storylines would be…
    some kind of drug scandal (seems to be riffe in the world of football)
    i like the idea of a new foreign player
    more hassel from fans and girls etc
    if your doing really well competing for the captaincy with deano (sure to upset him)
    something else involving a car as just the one alfa romeo seems pretty poor for a pro baller, maybe other big spending moments ie houses clothes etc


  3. erik apter Says:

    I think a good storyline would for river park to sign a new foreign player who eyes up your place in the first team in the 2nd/3rd season.


  4. steeefan Says:

    When will you introduce the promotion to higher leagues? Transfers, money spending, etc.? It’s getting boring already!


    • wojtek Says:

      I agree!! I got promoted and I’m still playing same teams all over, apart from that I cant see the league table not to mention goalscorers ect. What happened with getting coins for achievements btw????


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