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What’s New in I AM PLAYR – 24th May 2012

May 25, 2012


New Challenge Zone


4 football superstars have landed in I AM PLAYR and are ready for your Challenge. Take on England captain Steven Gerrard, Jamie Carragher, Stewart Downing and Jordan Henderson in the newly launched CHALLENGE ZONE! Each player has different type of challenge which could be timed based, life based or score based. Beat the All Stars to collect their shirts . Go for the top score and prove to your friends that YOU ARE PLAYR! Take on Steven Gerrard now!

Power Ups
To hit the top scores in the England All Stars challenges you are going to have to utilise the new power-ups. Only available in the Challenge zone are these new power ups which can affect and protect your multiplier. Purchase a Shield to mean that your multiplier wont reset if you miss a shot. There are 3 types of shields available with a maximum of 3 missed shots being protected. You can also purchase a power up to increase the multiplier you start with. This is the way to get the big, big scores! Equip a x5 multiplier and a shield power up and you can almost guarantee that you will have a score that will make your friends green. Power ups are one use only and must be equipped before you start the mini-game. Accept the Challenge now!

Goal Bonus!
Scoring a goal is no easy feat – we think you should be rewarded for smashing the back of the net. From now on, every goal you score for River Park you will receive 1 gold coin. Have a fantastic season, and you can treat yourself to some shiny new boots! Start Earning your bonus now!

In-Game Currency
All in-game coin amounts have been multiplied by ten – both coins you buy, and coins you have. This will allow us to give you better deals and prices in the future. And who doesn’t love having lots of coins?

New Boots
Need some new boots to match your golden skills? Well, you are in luck. New in the WE R Sports Shop are the WE R ALLSTAR boots! These super boots are only available as a trial – and with this amount of power behind you, the goalie would be wise to get out of your way! Try out the boots now

4 Responses to “What’s New in I AM PLAYR – 24th May 2012”

  1. gary mcdonald Says:

    still having problems trying to get back to the game after signing the nike contract the x on the top right hand corner is not responding i’am using windows with internet explorer 8 please help


  2. gary Says:

    can anyone help…..I cant seemed to get back to playing the game after signing a contract with nike is there a reason for this would be helpful if you could get back to me asap many thanks gary..


  3. gary Says:

    hi can anyone help, i am at the stage were i’am signing a contract with nike i have signed it and now i cant get back to the game am not sure if there is a confirm box at the bottom as my friends invite boxes are covering that part of the contract any sugguestions


  4. Morten Says:

    Congratulation of fucking up the game.

    1. The new aim system are really bad I can’t see the cross hair in the middle.
    2. The power goes up to fast to controle and accuracy is gone completely.
    3. Many of the drills are now almost impossible to do because of the accuracy is gone.


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