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3D Shooting Chances

August 13, 2013


3D shooting chances are coming to ‘I AM PLAYR’ very soon. Check out this video to see what it will look like.

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What’s New in I AM PLAYR – 24th May 2012

May 25, 2012


New Challenge Zone


4 football superstars have landed in I AM PLAYR and are ready for your Challenge. Take on England captain Steven Gerrard, Jamie Carragher, Stewart Downing and Jordan Henderson in the newly launched CHALLENGE ZONE! Each player has different type of challenge which could be timed based, life based or score based. Beat the All Stars to collect their shirts . Go for the top score and prove to your friends that YOU ARE PLAYR! Take on Steven Gerrard now!

Power Ups
To hit the top scores in the England All Stars challenges you are going to have to utilise the new power-ups. Only available in the Challenge zone are these new power ups which can affect and protect your multiplier. Purchase a Shield to mean that your multiplier wont reset if you miss a shot. There are 3 types of shields available with a maximum of 3 missed shots being protected. You can also purchase a power up to increase the multiplier you start with. This is the way to get the big, big scores! Equip a x5 multiplier and a shield power up and you can almost guarantee that you will have a score that will make your friends green. Power ups are one use only and must be equipped before you start the mini-game. Accept the Challenge now!

Goal Bonus!
Scoring a goal is no easy feat – we think you should be rewarded for smashing the back of the net. From now on, every goal you score for River Park you will receive 1 gold coin. Have a fantastic season, and you can treat yourself to some shiny new boots! Start Earning your bonus now!

In-Game Currency
All in-game coin amounts have been multiplied by ten – both coins you buy, and coins you have. This will allow us to give you better deals and prices in the future. And who doesn’t love having lots of coins?

New Boots
Need some new boots to match your golden skills? Well, you are in luck. New in the WE R Sports Shop are the WE R ALLSTAR boots! These super boots are only available as a trial – and with this amount of power behind you, the goalie would be wise to get out of your way! Try out the boots now

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What’s New in I AM PLAYR – 25th April 2012

April 26, 2012


Training Drills

Training Drill

Next time you head down to training, you might notice that we have made changes to energy costs and rewards for training drills. These changes have been made not to frustrate our PLAYRs, but to help improve the game and it’s progression. We have 10 levels of drills and changes have made it so that the harder the drill the more reward. Which when you think about it makes sense. As a footballer, you want to improve your skills and level, and by playing the higher drills this is a quick way to achieve this. You will also find that some of the high-level training drills include situations you will face during a match, such as trying to bend the ball around the keeper, or over a wall of players, and these may be more useful to you to improve your skills.


Trial Pay

Earn Coins

The PLAYR devs have been working hard to make our game a more stable game. we are aware of the issues some of you are experience and we are committed to improving the speed and stability of the game. The update yesterday made some changes to the servers which will help with PLAYR performance in the future. Yes, we know it isn’t the video content or changes you are asking for but we made the decision that the high priority for us is to make the game perform as best as it can. Unfortunately Trial Pay is not available in all countries, so if you do not see the ‘Earn Coins’ button you will have to contact them directly to find out if you will be able to access it. Trial Pay is also on available on I AM PLAYR when played through Facebook.


I AM PLAYR Performance
The PLAYR devs have been working hard to make our game a more stable game. We are aware of the issues some of you are experiencing and we are committed to improving the speed and stability of the game. The update yesterday made some changes to the servers which will help with PLAYR performance in the future. We know it isn’t the video content or changes you are asking for but we made the decision that the high priority for us is to make the game perform as best as it can, and we hope you agree.

As always PLAYRs, we make this game for you, so if you have any constructive feedback or suggestions please let us know in the comments.

Play I AM PLAYR now

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Claim your trial of the new Nike Boots now!

March 29, 2012



The New Nike Mercurial VIIIs are now available in the game. These boots offer you explosive speed and a shooting increase of +20! Nike Football is gifting all PLAYRs a trial of the boots. To receive them you have to have completed Week 3, visited Nike Town and have full match fitness.

The trial is for 10 points – which can be used for training drills (1 point) and matches (2 points), so use your trial period wisely! Claim your boots now

New Global Tournament
It’s been a couple of months since our last tournament – but we have a new one for you! Are you ready to fight for your country and prove you’re the best in the world? The next competition will start at Midnight tonight and will be contended by total Goals Scored. Turkey are favourites for this one, think your Country can cause an upset?

Good luck PLAYRs – Play I AM PLAYR now

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We’re back up! What’s new?

March 5, 2012



The game has been down for a few hours as we made some changes to I AM PLAYR. Read on to find out what’s new.


Daily Bonus


Return to I AM PLAYR on a daily basis to earn bigger and better rewards. Match Fitness, Energy and Match tactics are up for grabs at the moment. So, make sure you get your fix of PLAYR every 24 hours or you will miss out! Play Now


Match Fitness


We have listened to you PLAYRs and you will no longer lose extra match fitness earned in training. Match fitness can now be stored from one week to the next. Match fitness can also be purchased which is perfect if you are itching to play a game but dont have time to train. Play Now


New Video Content
More content has been added to the game and is ready for you to devour! Super Fan is back, hassling you if you are underperforming. We also added in a few things to make the coach trips for away matches more enjoyable! Play Now

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I AM PLAYR is back up!

February 15, 2012



What is new in the world of am I AM PLAYR?

More Content
With this new update we have added two new storylines which will be activated when you hit certain fame levels. As your fame increases you will become noticed by different managers, girls and the tabloids. So, make sure that you behave yourself or the River Park faithful wont be happy!

More Goalscoring chances
5 new goalscoring chances for you to test your striking abilities against. 3 of them were voted by you, our wonderful community.
These chances are
1. Wayne Rooney (Manchester United) v Barcelona – watch now
2. Robin Van Persie (Arsenal) v Everton – watch now
3. Ashley Young (Manchester United) v Arsenal – watch now

Gary McAllister Master Classes
The McDaddy is back to help you on your shooting abilities. Next up is Volleying and Curling. Do you have what it takes to complete Gary’s master classes?

More Shooting Drills
We want you to be the best striker around and the quickest way to get better at shooting is to practice, practice, practice. So, with that in mind we have unleashed 11 new shooting training drills. Complete the new ones to help increase your shooting level.

Head down to the pitch now PLAYRs and check out all the new content.


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What’s New in I AM PLAYR

February 1, 2012


We here at I AM PLAYR HQ have been at hard work the last couple of weeks to bring some great new functionality to the game. Deano and Laidlaw have been brushing up on their Spanish whilst Super Fan has been campaigning to bring back the River Park mascot Griffy the Griffin.

Training Ground
Prove you are the ultimate PLAYR and challenge your friends to beat your training drill scores. When you have beaten your friends score you can send them a request to let them know that you have set a new record.

Streak and Speed bonuses have now been added to all shooting and passing drills. All bonuses will be added to your score when you have completed the drill. This will help you on your quest to unlock all gold trophies.

Spanish and English Video Subtitles
Deano and Laidlaw in an attempt to force a move to Barcelona have been learning Spanish – but as no-one came in for them during the January transfer window we put their skills to good use. English and Spanish subtitles are now available on all videos.

The subtitle selector is at the bottom of the playing area. Here you can control the language of the subtitles in the videos. The visibility of the subtitles can be changed by clicking the icon “CC” button at the bottom-right of each video. Languages ​​will be selected automatically for new players

We are working on full translation of the game – but Tom Desmond is just working on his coding skills so will be a few more weeks yet. Turkish and Portuguese subtitles will also be available soon.

The second I AM PLAYR tournament begins this evening at 12.01am GMT time. Up for grabs is the Dead Ball Specialist Trophy. The country who scores the most free kicks will be awarded this prestigious trophy. To increase your chances of taking free kicks for River Park purchase the Dead Ball Specialist tactic from within the changing room. For more info on tactics click here

More Video Content
The Chairman has taken a strong interest in your progress at River Park and he will be keeping a close eye on you through the seasons. Expect more visits to the boardroom when you hit certain milestones in the game.

Griffy the Griffin Returns!
Super Fan led a fantastic campaign to bring back everyone’s favourite Mascot. Expect to see a lot more of Griffy on match day. Lets hope this time he is back permanently and that the mythical creature steers clear of trouble.

Play the latest version of I AM PLAYR now

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What’s new In I AM PLAYR

January 18, 2012


I AM PLAYR is back up and we have a few treats in-store when you next head down to the pitch.

Your Country Needs You!
Why are you being asked to choose which nation you’re in? Because our first I AM PLAYR tournament begins at midnight tonight GMT!

This first tournament up for grabs depends on your ‘Goals Scored’ for River Park FC. Each country will have their total number of goals scored over 7 days tallied, then averaged out to level the playing field. (Be careful which nation you choose as you won’t be able to change later.)

Then there’ll be a week off for you to prepare yourself for the next tournament – ‘Free Kicks’ (goals scored by free kicks), followed by ‘Dead Ball Specialists’ in the 5th week (goals scored from penalties) then finally ‘Matches Won’ in week 7.

Who will be the first country to hold all 4 trophies? Will Brazil and Spain dominate the I AM PLAYR tournaments just like they rule the Footballing World? Will England final follow up their 1966 triumph? It’s up to you and how you perform!

If you win a tournament you’ll be the proud trophy holders for the next 8 weeks until you get the chance to defend your title again.

New Shooting Drills


We’ve added 6 new shooting drills for you to master, along with some new scoring bonuses. Just like the Snowman mini-game you’ll be awarded a Streak Bonus for 3, 5 and 10 consecutive goals scored in a row. We’ll also award you a MPH bonus the faster your shots go in the net – scoring bonuses are only available on the 6 new drills.The Goalkeeper makes a welcome return for some drills along with some new net designs to keep you on your toes. Try out the new drills now!

Storyline Content
One new video and 5 new Newspaper story lines have been added. We know you want more content so we are working hard on it. Expect more soon.

Match Day Improvements
Know instantly who’s got possession with the addition of our colour coded match text. Come on you Reds!

We hope you enjoy our latest update – let us know what you think in the comments! Play I AM PLAYR now

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What’s new in I AM PLAYR

December 14, 2011


Gary McAllister signs for River Park FC

Footballing Legend Gary McAllister has joined the coaching staff at the club. He will be your guiding light on your path to becoming a the superstar you are destined to be.  There are currently 2 master classes available focusing on free kicks. We will be adding more in the future to help you raise your game.

New Indoor training facility

The chairman has put his hand in his pocket and brought River Park into the future. A very slick and modern indoor training facility now awaits you. This is where you will meet Gary McAllister for you master class training.

More Passing Drills

We don’t want you to just working on your shooting ability. You need to be an all-rounder if you want to make it in this game. 5 new passing drills are now available to help boost your stats.

Improved Trophy Room

Track your progress towards the prestigious awards. A fully stocked trophy room will certainly help to keep Danny deans on his toes.

Meet Mark Noble

Nike want you to try out the new T90 Laser IV’s and what better way than to have a bit of a kick around with current West Ham superstar Mark Noble. See the benefits of the T90′s on the pitch with a 4 point trial.

Match Tactics Sale

All match tactics are on sale this weekend. Use these tactics wisely and you can improve your chances of success in the all important big matches – For more info on match tactics head here

Signed Mark Noble Ball Winner

Congratulations to Nathan Carrington you are now a proud owner of a lovely ball signed by Mark Noble.

Enjoy the new addditions. Please let us know what you think and if you have any suggestions for our future updates. Play Now

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Bye Bye I AM PLAYR Beta

October 31, 2011



We’ll be turning PLAYR Version 1 off today at 11:59pm GMT. Please make sure you’ve migrated over to Version 2 by then otherwise you will be automatically migrated over the next time you log in.

We’d like to say a massive thanks to everyone who supported our first version and came with us to version 2. We’re looking forward to building on the new foundation for the game from now with more content and features being added regularly.

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