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Happy Birthday to I AM PLAYR!

October 9, 2012





Get out the party poppers and blow out the candles - I AM PLAYR is one year old! We’ll be celebrating throughout the month of October so keep an eye on our Facebook wall for party fun and games.

Dave Rose, our CEO, all-round leader and part of the brains behind PLAYR, was kind enough to write a few words about the last twelve months and what’s in store for the future.


”A year ago this month we launched our first game, I AM PLAYR. As a small company, made up of passionate gamers and football fans, we wanted to be brave in making the PLAYR experience something very different in a world of derivative games.

As we launched I wrote a note thanking our beta testers for their help in shaping the game. One year later, there are many more people I’d like to thank. Our players, who now come from all over the world, and who have helped us to make I AM PLAYR into the game it is today.

Over the next twelve months we’re going to see more changes as we extend and enrich the game. We’re reworking the training ground, introducing new drills with much more variety. We’ll be creating new match chances, giving you more pitch time and an even more vibrant and intense match experience. We’ll have more player competitions, new stories, characters and features like our sports science facility, all of which will help bring the game even closer to the life of a real professional footballer. I AM PLAYR will also be coming to mobile devices, allowing you to practice your skills on the move. And we’ll continue to localise the content and feature an ever growing cast of celebrity footballers from around the world.

Being a small team we can’t do all of this at once, but we’re committed to continue listening to your feedback, to keep making improvements every month, and to ensuring PLAYR isn’t just a great game but a fun community for football fans around the world.

The game is nothing without your support, so once again thank you.

Dave Rose”


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LIVE NOW!! Use your training skills in matches!

September 18, 2012


The skills that you have learnt on the training pitch can now be tested on match day. Yes, it’s live now and we think you are going to love it!!

As we said on our FB post on Wednesday, announcing the new amazing features of the game, you can now use Dribbling and Shooting in the game matches!


Furthermore, the “Beat the Defender” tactic was updated to include dribbling and shooting chances!

We have implemented other minor wonderful things for you with this update, and I am sure you’ll all find out by playing I AM PLAYR! :)
  • Blur effect added to training drill and match chance start screens.
  • Visual FX and audio improvements made to end of training drill result screen
What you think about these? Leave your comments on the Facebook page!
Play I AM PLAYR now – iamplayr.com
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Super Fan Contest Winners!

September 10, 2012


Drum Roll. The time has come to get off the pitches and look at the table of winners for the Super Fan contest. The decision was though, as we got dozens of amazing videos in English, Portuguese, Spanish and Turkish to choose from from you guys!

Here are the winner videos, for you all to envy and follow:

Tom Tremayne – English

Alex S – Portuguese

Yeray Espinosa Cuevas – Spanish (Europe)

Carlos Cabrera – Spanish (America)

Umut Unlu – Turkish

As we’d said before, the big prize this time is to become part of the I AM PLAYR history – Not only will the winners become a character in the game and seen around the world by millions of users, but we will also deck out the winners in all the River Park gear they’ll need to become Super Fan.

Congratulations to you all!

Thank you again for your outstanding participation on our contest – U R THE playrs!

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August Competitions!

September 4, 2012


Another month begins and new competitions arise!
So you all know, this past month we have given 15,000 coins in more than a dozen different competitions and we had more than 60 winners in total!

Here you are:


#mysteryplayr 500 Alex Everson
#mysteryplayr 250 Joram Bakker

#MysteryPlayr 500 Derk Bruger
#MysteryPlayr 250 Fernando Morientes

#mysteryplayr 500 Jonathan Crick
#mysteryplayr 250 Syamfiq Remlee

#mysteryplayr 500 Yue Hong Leong
#mysteryplayr 250 Mario Luis Pinto

mysteryplayr FB 500 Cristian Marin
mysteryplayr FB 250 Arcangelo Manfredonia
Boots Survey 500 Altamash Srivastav
Boots Survey 500 Pattapee Sirirat
Boots Survey 500 Manuel Sousa
Boots Survey 500 Ryan Hossain
Boots Survey 500 Calum Stark
Boots Survey 500 Peter Creed
Boots Survey 500 Anderson Nani
Boots Survey 500 Shirsendu Senapati
Boots Survey 500 Nino Teixeira
Boots Survey 500 Tony Martins

Guess Who?  500 Scott Ludema

Guess who? 500 Martin Brook
Gold Medal Giveaway 1000 Alan Garduno
Beat Billy 500 Paul Bone
Beat Billy 500 Perry Bernard
Beat Billy 500 Rodrigo Peralta Diaz
Beat Billy 500 Dave Rose
Beat Billy 500 Tristan Cartledge
Beat Billy 500 Manuel Harari
Beat Billy 500 Will Thirkettle
Beat Billy 500 Davor Ivan Crljen
Beat Billy 500 Frans Jogchems
Beat Billy 500 Neil Donnell
Beat Billy 500 Santi Sch
Beat Billy 500 Howard Kingston
Beat Billy 500 Dodoz Disana
Beat Billy 500 Kamil Malicki
Beat Billy 500 Emman Baylosis
Beat Billy 500 Andrea Margheritoni
Beat Billy 500 Goran Privon
Beat Billy 500 Michelo Napolitano
OTZ Comp 1000 Rich Parsons

Barc v Real Giveaw 250 Andrew O Sullivan
Barc v Real Giveaw 250 Rhys Cullinane
Barc v Real Giveaw 250 Diogo Zanon
OTZ Comp 1000 Rich Parsons
Guess Who 500 Ben Purnell

Survey Giveaway 500 Aythami Roque Acosta
Survey Giveaway 500 Pete Spencer
Survey Giveaway 500 Mauro Navarro
Survey Giveaway 500 Razvan Georgeti
Survey Giveaway 500 Joe Gough
Survey Giveaway 500 Martin Escobar
Survey Giveaway 500 George Wilson Bunch
Survey Giveaway 500 Thomas Kincaid
Survey Giveaway 500 Tomi Komolafe
Survey Giveaway 500 Matthew Ivor Watt
Barc v Real Giveaw 100 Shawn Boothe
Barc v Real Givea 100 Parky Rvp Rip Rowe
Barc v Real Giveaw 100 Caroline Stafford Was Jacob
Barc v Real Giveaw 100 Daniel Hazieq
Thank you all for your participation!
If you were not one of the winners, don’t give up – You can be right now in September, as we are giving away more coins in as many special promotions just for you, in all our languages.


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Yaz Sezonu İndirimleri – River Park Takım Formalarınızı Hemen Alın

August 3, 2012



River Park mağazasında yaz sezonu indirimleri başladı! River Park forması veya atkısı alırsanız oyun hesabınıza jeton eklemesi  yapıyoruz. Bu jetonları oyun içinde istediğiniz gibi kullanabilirsiniz.

R.P.F.C atkısı satın aldığınızda hesabınıza 750 jeton eklenecektir.

R.P.F.C kısa kollu forma satın aldığınızda hesabınıza 4000 jeton eklenecektir.

R.P.F.C uzun kollu forma satın aldığınızda hesabınıza 4000 jeton eklenecektir.


Satın Almak İçin Tıklayın

Atkılar £9.99 ve formalar £34.99 olarak fiyatlandırılmıştır. İngiltere içi kargo ücretsiz olup, Avrupa içinde £2.00 ve diğer bütün ülkelere £5.00 kargo ücreti alınmaktadır. Bu indirim kampanyası 31 Ağustos 2012 gününe kadar devam edecektir.

River Park için desteğinizi gösterip forma veya atkınızı hemen sipariş verin!

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Summer Sale – Get Your River Park Kit Now!

August 1, 2012



The summer sales have hit the River Park shop! Purchase a River Park kit or Scarf and we’ll reward you with some in game coins to be spent on anything you like.

For a R.P.F.C scarf will we credit your account with 750 coins
For a R.P.F.C short-sleeve shirt you will receive 4000 coins.
For a R.P.F.C long-sleeve shirt you will receive 4000 coins.

Buy Now

Scarfs are £9.99 and Shirts are £34.99. Shipping is free to the UK, £2.00 to Europe and £5.00 to the rest of the world. This offer will run until 31st August 2012.

Show your love for all things River Park and order your Scarf or Kit now!

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Are you the next Super Fan?

July 27, 2012



You’ve played the game, but how would you like to star in it?

We’re looking for Playrs to film a video that may end up being part of I AM PLAYR!
We want you to recreate a video already in I AM PLAYR – a video of Super Fan getting excited about River Park’s new signing – the star striker No. 10 – scoring two goals in a match. The video entries will then be judged internally, and the winners will be invited to film new Super Fan videos for the game to be viewed all around the world by millions of players!
Don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime chance to star in your favourite game!

How to Enter!
Here is a step by step guide to enter our competition

Step 1 – Watch the Superfan video below to get inspired
Step 2 – Memorise the script below – practice it!
Step 3 – Record yourself giving your best Super Fan impression. Remember to have fun!
Step 4 – Upload the video to Youtube
Step 5 – Send the link to the video to [email protected] or post it on our Facebook page

Super Fan showing you how it is done!

Super Fan Script
This is the script you need to use for your video! Be creative and make sure you have fun! You can enter in English, Turkish, Portuguese or Spanish.

“River Park! Another Win for the boys and the number 10 knocking in two goals!”

“How good…… I told you he’d be good, didn’t I?”

“Lets hope he keeps banging more in! ”

Not only will you become character in I AM PLAYR and seen around the world by millions of users. We will also deck you out in all the River Park gear you will need to become Super Fan.

Tips on how to create the perfect video!
Super Fan Tips

Good luck PLAYRs, We can’t wait to see your videos. All legitimate, correctly formatted entries will receive 500 I AM PLAYR coins so get your videos in now! Only one bundle of coins per person.
Enter our competition now to be in with a chance of becoming part of I AM PLAYR history

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Sıradaki Süper Taraftar Sen Misin?

July 26, 2012



Oyunu oynadın ve şimdi de oyunda bizzat yer almaya ne dersin?

I AM PLAYR’ın bir parçası olacak bir video çekecek Türk PLAYRlar aramaktayız!

Hali hazırda I AM PLAYR’da bulunan bir video’yu tekrar yaratmanızı istiyoruz – River Park’ın yeni transferi, 10 Numaralı golcü’nün, bir maçta 2 gol atmasını heyecanla karşılayan Süper Taraftar videosu. Bütün katılımcı videolar bizim tarafımızdan oylanacak ve kazanan video sahibinden ise Süper Taraftar videoları çekmesi istenecek. Çektiği bu videolar ise oyunu dünyanın her yerinden oynayan milyonlarca kişi tarafından izlenecektir! En sevdiğiniz oyuna dahil olabilmek için hayatta bir kez karşınıza çıkacak bu şansı kaçırmayın!

Nasıl Katılabilirsiniz?
Adım adım bu yarışmaya katılabilme rehberi:

1. Adım – Aşağıda yer alan Süper Taraftar videosunu izleyerek ilham alın.
2. Adım – Videoda söyleyeceklerinizi belirledik, tekrarlayıp ezberleyin ve pratik yapın!
3. Adım – Süper Taraftar havasına girip kendinizi kaydedin. Eğlenmeye bakın!
4. Adım  - Videoyu Youtube‘a yükleyin
5. Adım – Video linkini [email protected] email adresine gönderin veya  Facebook sayfamıza mesaj olarak gönderin.

Süper Taraftarımız size nasıl yapıldığını gösteriyor! Video üzerinde CC tuşuna basıp Türkçe altyazıyı seçebilirsiniz.

Süper Taraftar Diyaloğu
Bu diyaloğu videoyu çekerken kullanmalısınız! Yaratıcı olup eğlenmeye bakın! Tamamen Türkçe bir video yaratacaksınız.

“River Park! 10 numaradan 2 gol geldi ve bizimkiler tekrar kazandı!”

“Çok iyi…… Sana, bu çocuk iyi dedim, öyle değil mi?”

“Daha çok gol atmasını istiyoruz! “



I AM PLAYR’a dahil olabilmek ve dünya genelinde milyonlarca oyuncu tarafından izlenebilme şansı bir kenara aynı zamanda Süper Taraftar olabilmeniz için gereken bütün River Park takım ürünlerini de size vereceğiz.

Mükemmel videoyu yaratmak hakkında ipuçları! 


İyi şanslar PLAYRlar! Göndereceğiniz videoları sabırsızlıkla bekliyoruz. Her kurala uygun video gönderen 500 I AM PLAYR jetonu kazanacaktır . Kişi başı sadece bir kerelik jeton kazanma hakkınız bulunmaktadır.

Yarışmaya hemen katılın ve I AM PLAYR tarihinde yer alma şansı yakalayın



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Será você o próximo Super Fan?

July 24, 2012



Você já jogou o jogo, mas que tal agora estrelar nele?

Estamos procurando playrs de língua portuguesa para filmar um vídeo que pode acabar sendo parte do I AM PLAYR!

Nós queremos que você recrie um vídeo já presente no I AM PLAYR  – um vídeo de Super Fan ficando animado com a nova assinatura do River Park – o atacante No. 10 – marcando dois gols numa partida, e queremos que o faça em língua portuguesa! As entradas de vídeo serão avaliadas internamente, e o vencedor será convidado a filmar novos vídeos Super Fan para o jogo, que serão vistos em todo o mundo por milhões de jogadores!

Não perca essa chance única de estrelar no seu jogo favorito!

Como Participar!

Aqui está um guia passo a passo para participar no nosso passatempo

Passo 1 – Assista ao vídeo Superfan em baixo para se inspirar

Passo 2 – Memorize o script em baixo- há que praticá-lo!

Passo 3 – Grave-se a si mesmo a dar a sua melhor impressão Super Fan. Não se esqueça de se divertir ao fazê-lo!

Passo 4 – Faça o upload do vídeo para o Youtube

Passo 5 – Envie o link do vídeo para [email protected] ou publique-o na nossa página de Facebook

Clique no CC do vídeo para as legendas em Português, visto ser este o guião que você terá que seguir.

O Super Fan mostra-lhe como se faz!

Guião de Texto Super Fan

E aqui vai o texto completo do guião que você precisa usar no seu vídeo! Seja criativo e certifique-se que se diverte!

“River Park! Outra vitória para os rapazes e o número 10 enfiou dois gols! ”

“Que bom…… Disse-vos que ele seria bom, não disse?”

“Vamos esperar que ele continue metendo mais! River Park! ”

Dicas do Super Fan sobre como criar o vídeo perfeito!


Boa sorte PLAYRS, estamos ansiosos para ver seus vídeos!

Todas as entradas válidas e corretamente formatadas receberão 500 moedas I AM PLAYR por isso comece a enviar os seus vídeos agora! Apenas um pacote de 500 moedas por pessoa.

Entre no nosso concurso agora para ter a chance de se tornar parte da história I AM PLAYR.

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¿Serás TÚ el próximo Super Fan?

July 24, 2012

1 Comment



Has jugado a I AM PLAYR, pero… ¿Te gustaría ser una Estrella dentro del juego?

Estamos buscando a Playrs que hablen Español para que graben un video en nuestro idioma que pueda acabar siendo parte de nuestro videojuego, ¡Convirtiéndose en el Super Fan que habla Español!

Queremos que hagáis o recreéis un video que ya sale en I AM PLAYR – el video donde Super Fan está extasiado después de que el reciente fichaje y número 10 del River Park haya marcado 2 goles en un partido. Los videos que recibamos en Español serán valorados por un jurado de nuestra empresa y los ganadores serán invitados a grabar nuevos videos de Super Fan para el juego, que serán vistros alrededor de todo el mundo por millones de jugadores.

¡No puedes perder esta oportunidad única en la vida de ser una estrrella dentro de tu videojuego favorito!

¿Cómo participar?

Aquí está paso a paso la guia de cómo entrar en nuestra Competición

Paso 1 – Mira el video de Super Fan de abajo para conseguir inspiración
Paso 2 – Memoriza el guión de abajo en Español y PRACTÍCALO
Paso 3 – Grábate a ti mismo dando tu mejor imagen de Super Fan. Recuerda pasarlo bien y que sea divertido!
Paso 4 – Sube tu video a Youtube o cuélgalo en alguna página donde podamos verlo
Step 5 – Envíanos el link de tu video a la dirección de correo electrónico: [email protected] o postealo en nuestra Página de Facebook

Aquí tienes a Super Fan enseñandote como tienes que hacerlo!

Pincha en CC en el navegador del video y cambia los subtítulos al Español (ese guión es el que utilizarás).


Guión Super Fan

¡Aquí está el GUIÓN que necesitarás usar en tu video! Se creativo y asegúrate de que te queda un video divertido!:


- “River Park! ¡Otra victoria para los chicos, y dos goles para el número 10!”

- ¿Verdad que…? Os dije que era bueno, ¿no?

- “¡Ojalá siga enchufándolos! ¡River Park!”



No sólo pasarás a ser un personaje de los videos de I AM PLAYR, visto por millones de personas, sino que además te mandaremos todo el equipamiento necesario para que te puedas convertir en un verdadero Super Fan.

Consejos para crear el video perfecto




Buena suerte PLAYRs, estamos impacientes por ver vuestros videos. Todos los videos que sean considerados correctos y entren en la Competición, recibirán GRATIS 500 MONEDAS DE I AM PLAYR, así que mándanos tu video en cuanto puedas! Sólo un paquete de Monedas por persona.

¡Participa en nuestro Concurso ahora para formar parte de la Historia de I AM PLAYR!

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