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LIVE NOW!! Use your training skills in matches!

September 18, 2012


The skills that you have learnt on the training pitch can now be tested on match day. Yes, it’s live now and we think you are going to love it!!

As we said on our FB post on Wednesday, announcing the new amazing features of the game, you can now use Dribbling and Shooting in the game matches!


Furthermore, the “Beat the Defender” tactic was updated to include dribbling and shooting chances!

We have implemented other minor wonderful things for you with this update, and I am sure you’ll all find out by playing I AM PLAYR! :)
  • Blur effect added to training drill and match chance start screens.
  • Visual FX and audio improvements made to end of training drill result screen
What you think about these? Leave your comments on the Facebook page!
Play I AM PLAYR now – iamplayr.com
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Check out our new game – Lyroke!

August 10, 2012


LYROKE now available FIRST 5  black BG

We’ve been working hard on our new game, LYROKE, and we would love for you to have exclusive access.

Now for the first time, you can play along to your favourite music videos. Guess the missing lyrics of the biggest tracks and challenge your friends and the world to prove who is No 1.

We currently have a small number of songs available including tracks from LMFAO, LA Roux, Kaiser Chiefs and Ellie Goulding! We will be adding more songs on a regular basis – but it would be great to hear your feedback on what songs you liked, what songs you would want in the game, and your overall opinion on LYROKE.

Test your musical knowledge now with LYROKE! Play NOW

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Dev Corner- Your Feedback Answered!

March 14, 2012




We’ve been holding regular feedback sessions with the development team, going through exactly what it is you want in the game. From the best suggestions to the things that just aren’t possible, we’ve read everything you’ve written to us, in whatever format you’ve sent it in.

Here’s some tweaks our team are working on putting into place in over the following weeks and months thanks to YOU so keep that feedback coming!

DISCLAIMER: The following are being worked on for the future and are prioritised- some will be coming very soon, others may take several months to go into the game.

As always, our team are working on adding more content to the game. More videos will be released in the very near future with some big names so keep your eyes peeled!

You’ve asked for more competitions. We’re working on developing club and international competition so now there’s more reason to finish in the top spots at the end of a season.

We’re developing ways to let you earn more Match Fitness so you get to play more matches

You wanted more social interaction so soon you’ll be able to share your Daily Bonus with Friends.

We’ll be completing the last Gary Mac drill and adding challenges from other professional footballers in very near future.

Completed all the drills? Over the next 2-3 months we’re updating all the drills and training ground interface

We also agree that the negative penalties in the game need to be made clearer when and why they happen. If your career ran super-smoothly there’d never be anything to work towards so we won’t be removing some of the pitfalls, but we’ll at least be making them clearer.

Why we won’t be adding a skip button to the videos: As a pro footballer, you live your life both on and off the pitch- if you start skipping the story you miss key components of the game as there’s no going back at River Park!

Top Tip: You can currently skip the video once it’s cached on your machine by clicking the cursor on the end of the grey play line. – Some of you have asked to see what the boots stats are as you progress up the levels- we will be working on making the benefits of the boots clearer, although actually showing all potential boots available + stats is not possible.

Speaking of boots, we’ll be changing boots a little bit to make the bulk rentable instead of purchasable. Certain boots can still be purchased outright, but this will be developed further.

We’re also adding fully localized versionsto the game. Eventually, we hope to offer more language options but for now fully localised versions will be in Spanish, Brazillian Portuguese and Turkish with more to follow…

Keep those suggestions coming, and let us know in the comments below what you’d like to see in an I AM PLAYR mobile verison or if you have any expanded ideas for the points mentioned above!


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Meet Dan Mayers

December 9, 2011



Dan is I AM PLAYR’s lead game designer. We sat down with him and had a little chat about all things PLAYR, what his hope and dreams are and what he is currently playing.

What is your role at I AM PLAYR
I’m one of the game designers on PLAYR, so I spend most of my time thinking through new ideas and features that we can bring into the game. The rest of the time I’m looking at how people are currently playing the game, and working out how to make the game even better.

What other games have previously worked on?
I worked in console games initially, for a company called Eidos, who made Championship Manager, Tomb Raider and Hitman. I was the producer on a game called Just Cause, I’ve written scripts for Disney and moved into designing social games about three years ago.

Which football club do you support?
Norwich City

What are you currently playing?
Uncharted 3, should be done by Christmas and then I can jump into Skyrim for the next 6 months… Social games wise I still really like Gardens of Time, IAM PLAYR obviously and we have some prototype games we’re working on here that are shaping up very nicely…

What is your favourite game? And why

I have too many to pick just one, but Broken Sword, Tomb Raider, Half Life, Ocarina of Time, Deus Ex and Uncharted 2 all made sleeping feel like a complete waste of time.

Describe your typical day in the life for I AM PLAYR.
Check mail, check sports news, check game news, meet to talk about what we’re doing today and if we have any problems. At the moment I’m looking at training, so I’ll spend some of the day building and testing new drills. The rest of the time I’ll spend thinking, talking through ideas with the other designers and producers or scribbling down notes about new features.

What’s your favourite element of I AM PLAYR?
I love the way the film parts of the game work inside the game and how some of the decisions play out, but the best part of the game for me is when the match clock ticks down towards a draw, and I get one last chance before the final whistle. The pressure at that point feels really good, because I know that it’s all down to me at that moment, have I trained well enough, have I got the skill to score, can I make the shot.

What are you currently working on in I AM PLAYR?
We’re doing a lot of work on the training drills at the moment, trying to expand the variety of them and looking at ways to introduce new skills, so that’s occupying most of my time at the moment. We’re also looking at the fame game and the kinds of directions we want to take that.

What would you like to change/implement in I AM PLAYR?
I have a list of things I’d like to see in the game as long as my arm… Top of it is making the game more social, so working out the PvP game and bringing in more social challenges. The fame side of the game is really important to get right too, I’d like people to have more difficult decisions to make there, and more serious consequences… I also want to see new skills brought through training, so expanding the drills out to train different skills at the same time will be great.

Can you please explain what effect the footballing level has on your ability in I AM PLAYR
Football level doesn’t have a direct impact on your ability in the game, it’s more an indication of your overall ability across all the skills you learn in the game. You need to working on shooting, passing and dribbling to increase your actual skill, but as your football level goes up, you’ll unlock new content like storylines or new items.

What plans do you have for the fame level in I AM PLAYR
From a match perspective we want your fame level to affect the way the stadium’s crowd respond to you, as well as changing the way the other team play against you. Off the pitch we want fame to be more of a temptation, a real distraction to your football career. So getting big sponsorship deals and playing the game as a celebrity can be fun and lucrative, but it’s also a difficult path to follow without damaging your playing career.

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Learn how to Curl and Pass

November 29, 2011


Jsut started out at I AM PLAYR and finding some of the drills a bit confusing? Well, we’re here to help and guide you in the right direction.

Curling Drills
Master the curl and you will be well on your way to becoming a football superstar


Passing Drills
We’ve just added passing drills into the game. Watch this video and learn the artform of passing, Iniesta eat your heart out.

Play I AM PLAYR now to check out your new skills.

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Gary McAllister sits down with Nuts.co.uk

November 29, 2011


Gary McAllister recently spent some time with Nuts magazine to talk about all things football including what he thinks of this season’s Premier League, how Liverpool are doing and his memoires of Euro 96.

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What’s new in I Am Playr 2.2

November 11, 2011


Another day, another update. What have we got ready for you check out this time?


  • RPFC supports the Poppy Appeal – you’ll see a pop-up letting you know that we are donating ALL net proceeds from in-game coins purchased on Sunday 13th November. Please donate generously.
  • Trial boot system improved – instead of trial boots only being available for one match or one drill you’ll now get 4 trial points per boot which you can be redeemed when you wish. You’ll also be able to keep more than one trial boot in your kit bag!
  • We’ve added three new boots for you to unlock, two We R and one pair of Nike CR7s. We think you’ll be pleased when you see how good they are…
  • Your Dribbling XP now has a visible effect on your Dribbling drills! The higher your dribbling stat, the larger the ‘sweet spot’ you need to hit.
  • 5 New trophies are available for you to get your hands on, including the mysteriously named Wizard, Sorcerer and Magician.
  • Newspapers redesigned, super slick and warts n all.
  • Goals (career) posted to Facebook highscore system in your Facebook game mini-feed.
  • Personal best score shown on training drills page
  • Scoreline inaccuracy fixes
  • Match day injury time fixes
  • Javascript download optimizations
  • New SSL certificates
  • Ensure the previous match’s fitness requirement not shown briefly before updating
  • Fixed sound bug on match chances
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What’s new in I AM PLAYR

November 8, 2011


I AM PLAYR is now back up and ready for you to play. We apologise for the disruption to your quest to the top of the league!

What have we added in?

There are 5 new trophies for you try to unlock including the Diamond Dixie trophy. Score 60 goals in one season to win the newly added Diamond Dixie trophy. Dixie Dean is an Everton legend, scoring 349 goals in 399 games but in one impressive season he racked up 60 goals. No player in the English league since 1928 has come close to that! Imagine the look on Laidlaw’s face if you’re the first!

There is one new goalscoring opportunity – see if you can spot it. This one is all about teamwork! We’ve also added in 2 pieces of video content all ready for you to consume.

If you have any suggestions for trophies, storylines or just good ol’ fashioned feedback please leave a comment.

See you on the pitch. Play Now.


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Developer Corner – Meet Dre!

October 29, 2011


Say hello to Dre and his impressive belt collection.

Dre’s one of our game designers at I AM PLAYR.

We sat down with him to talk about all things PLAYR.

If you have any questions for Dre or any our development team let us know and we’ll see if we can get them answered for you.


For those that can’t watch the video here is the interview transcript.

“Hello There,

I’m Andreas Yiannikaris and I am one of the Game designers at WE R INTERACTIVE.”

Why did you decide to become a games developer?

“I love games. It’s all of the disciplines. The good musicians, good sound designers, good idea guys, programmers, graphics guys and animators. It’s just all the best people – doing what they are good at. Every now and then when it all comes together it is a thing of beauty, man.”

What are you favourite parts of I AM PLAYR?

“My favourite element of I AM PLAYR is, really, I have to say is the general ambition of the project. There are no other games doing what we are doing. Certainly on Facebook. It’s never final, you can constantly change stuff.”

Any changes you would make to the game?

“What would I change in the game? A greater level of synergy between the story and the gameplay. Just making them feel like they are one thing. That they completely affect each other.”


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Update contents:

October 27, 2011


I Am Playr Version 2.1 Update
Headline Changes
  • Game now available on standalone website. www.iamplayr.com (requires Facebook Login)
  • Getting your friends to install/play the game now increases your maximum energy.
  • Can return to previous training levels to replay the drills to get cups and match fitness.
Other Fixes
  • Updates for new Facebook SDK
  • Daily bonus now is awarded sooner (in many cases)
  • Image loading fixes.
  • Fixes for Unity games to prevent potential result problems.
  • Bronze, Silver and Gold cup score thresholds added to training drills interface in Unity
  • Results panel shows the cup ranking achieved for that attempt
  • Max training level clearer
  • Dribbling games leave the controller bar on the screen for a moment after clicking, to allow the user time to note how close they were to the sweetspot
  • All sweetspots are forced to be the same width throughout all the dribbling drills
  • Warning popups for match fitness being taken away because of story events
  • Help system: Scroll bar not reset every time a user expands a FAQ item
  • More icons next to match day events
  • Video: Control bar was previously covering bottom 24 pixels of video, now made the container bigger and ensured the controls sit off of the bottom of the video
  • Resolved issue with Next Fixture panel briefly showing previous fixture before updating to show the next fixture (and also added animation)
  • Fixed issue where energy store would close then open again
  • Playr’s first match is a full debut (not just brought on at half time)
  • Stat bar style improvements
  • Fix for energy store items showing correct availability when energy increases naturally.
  • Story content pacing balancing
  • Training ground fixed between Match Day and Next Fixture to avoid Match Fitness reset bug
  • Background colour changed.
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