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August Competitions!

September 4, 2012


Another month begins and new competitions arise!
So you all know, this past month we have given 15,000 coins in more than a dozen different competitions and we had more than 60 winners in total!

Here you are:


#mysteryplayr 500 Alex Everson
#mysteryplayr 250 Joram Bakker

#MysteryPlayr 500 Derk Bruger
#MysteryPlayr 250 Fernando Morientes

#mysteryplayr 500 Jonathan Crick
#mysteryplayr 250 Syamfiq Remlee

#mysteryplayr 500 Yue Hong Leong
#mysteryplayr 250 Mario Luis Pinto

mysteryplayr FB 500 Cristian Marin
mysteryplayr FB 250 Arcangelo Manfredonia
Boots Survey 500 Altamash Srivastav
Boots Survey 500 Pattapee Sirirat
Boots Survey 500 Manuel Sousa
Boots Survey 500 Ryan Hossain
Boots Survey 500 Calum Stark
Boots Survey 500 Peter Creed
Boots Survey 500 Anderson Nani
Boots Survey 500 Shirsendu Senapati
Boots Survey 500 Nino Teixeira
Boots Survey 500 Tony Martins

Guess Who?  500 Scott Ludema

Guess who? 500 Martin Brook
Gold Medal Giveaway 1000 Alan Garduno
Beat Billy 500 Paul Bone
Beat Billy 500 Perry Bernard
Beat Billy 500 Rodrigo Peralta Diaz
Beat Billy 500 Dave Rose
Beat Billy 500 Tristan Cartledge
Beat Billy 500 Manuel Harari
Beat Billy 500 Will Thirkettle
Beat Billy 500 Davor Ivan Crljen
Beat Billy 500 Frans Jogchems
Beat Billy 500 Neil Donnell
Beat Billy 500 Santi Sch
Beat Billy 500 Howard Kingston
Beat Billy 500 Dodoz Disana
Beat Billy 500 Kamil Malicki
Beat Billy 500 Emman Baylosis
Beat Billy 500 Andrea Margheritoni
Beat Billy 500 Goran Privon
Beat Billy 500 Michelo Napolitano
OTZ Comp 1000 Rich Parsons

Barc v Real Giveaw 250 Andrew O Sullivan
Barc v Real Giveaw 250 Rhys Cullinane
Barc v Real Giveaw 250 Diogo Zanon
OTZ Comp 1000 Rich Parsons
Guess Who 500 Ben Purnell

Survey Giveaway 500 Aythami Roque Acosta
Survey Giveaway 500 Pete Spencer
Survey Giveaway 500 Mauro Navarro
Survey Giveaway 500 Razvan Georgeti
Survey Giveaway 500 Joe Gough
Survey Giveaway 500 Martin Escobar
Survey Giveaway 500 George Wilson Bunch
Survey Giveaway 500 Thomas Kincaid
Survey Giveaway 500 Tomi Komolafe
Survey Giveaway 500 Matthew Ivor Watt
Barc v Real Giveaw 100 Shawn Boothe
Barc v Real Givea 100 Parky Rvp Rip Rowe
Barc v Real Giveaw 100 Caroline Stafford Was Jacob
Barc v Real Giveaw 100 Daniel Hazieq
Thank you all for your participation!
If you were not one of the winners, don’t give up – You can be right now in September, as we are giving away more coins in as many special promotions just for you, in all our languages.


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